Planning Register Status Definitions

Lodged – The application has been received and the required fee paid. A preliminary assessment will take place within 28 days of the fee being paid.

More Info Req – An initial assessment of the application has been undertaken and insufficient information has been provided. A request for further information has been made to the applicant.

Referred & Advertised –Both these process can run concurrently if advertising and referral are both required. Otherwise the application has been referred to mandatory referral authorities who have 28 days to respond. The application is advertised for 14 days and typically involves notifying adjoining and nearby owners and occupiers of the proposal by letter.

Delegate Report – Further assessment of the application is taking place and will result in a detailed report addressing the relevant issues, policies and decision guidelines and a determination on the application..

Granted – A permit has been issued. Additional documentation i.e. amended plans may still be required.

Refusal – The permit application has been refused and no permit is issued.

VCAT – The matter is going to be heard at VCAT. The matter may have received objections or the permit conditions may be disputed.

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