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The purpose of this Online Planning Register is to make the prescribed information under the P&E Act available to enable you to track the status of a planning permit application.

Rural City of Wangaratta has taken into account privacy considerations in determining the content of this planning register. A condition of use of this online register is that you will not use the information available in this register for any purpose which may breach copyright legislation.

Search Dates1/08/2020 to 31/08/2020
Application Search Results
Permit No.LodgedApplicant DetailsProposalProperty AddressStatus
PlnApp20/18531/08/2020Matthew Anthony WebsterBuildings and Works and Removal of Vegetation and a Reduction in Car Parking Requirements.37 Gladstone Street GLENROWAN VIC 3675More Information Required
PlnApp20/18831/08/2020 EDM GroupTwo Lot Subdivision3 Pauline Terrace WANGARATTA VIC 3677More Information Required
PlnApp20/18928/08/2020 Rural Housing Network LtdDevelopment of three dwellings and alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1103 Greta Road WANGARATTA VIC 3677Referred & Advertised
PlnApp20/18428/08/2020 Di Mase Berry & Co Pty LtdFive lot subdivision98 Trezise Street ELDORADO VIC 3746More Information Required
PlnApp20/18628/08/2020 Clement-Stone Town PlannersDevelopment of three dwellings7 Irving Street WANGARATTA VIC 3677More Information Required
PlnApp20/08327/08/2020 Oxley & CompanyUse of Industry (materials recycling)Detour Lodge 247 Detour Road NORTH WANGARATTA VIC 3678Referred & Advertised
PlnApp20/18227/08/2020Darren James McLeodUse and Development for a Store1473 Boorhaman Road BOORHAMAN VIC 3678More Information Required
PlnApp20/18324/08/2020 North East Survey DesignTwo lot subdivision15 Gibb Street OXLEY VIC 3678Referred & Advertised
PlnApp20/18124/08/2020 John Lyng GroupConstruction of a Shed61 Great Alpine Road WANGARATTA VIC 3677Referred
PlnApp20/15221/08/2020Allison Kaye ArnottDevelopment of an administration building associated with equine activities920 Great Alpine Road TARRAWINGEE VIC 3678More Information Required
PlnApp20/18020/08/2020 Oxley & CompanyTwo Lot Re SubdivisionGlenpoll 321 Glenrowan-Moyhu Road GLENROWAN VIC 3675Referred
PlnApp20/17918/08/2020 Oxley & CompanyTwo Lot Re Subdivision181 Tone Road WANGARATTA VIC 3677Delegate Report
PlnApp20/16018/08/2020 Steelcorp Group Pty LtdDevelopment of an Agricultural Building87 Wangaratta-Kilfeera Road LACEBY VIC 3678Referred
PlnApp20/17817/08/2020 Eslers Land ConsultingTwo Lot Subdivision and Creation of Common Property82A Cribbes Road WANGARATTA VIC 3677More Information Required
PlnApp20/17717/08/2020 Oxley & CompanyTwo Lot Re Subdivision38 Orchard Drive GLENROWAN VIC 3675Referred & Advertised

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